sweeney todd

costume designer

directors nick phillips & gillian lemon

the paul mcCartney auditorium, liverpool.

selected photographs by sam heath & richard spilman.

“The show’s designers took a scalpel to established theatrical design concepts to breathe fresh life into the blood-curdling musical.”

adam faulkner

liverpool echo

“…Your production is lingering as strongly, as I felt, after I last saw it for the second time. Truly, it was a standout show: the lighting, make-up, costumes, wigs, set and, of course, the acting were amongst the best we’ve ever seen here.  Tough to sing, tough to play, tough to block the ensemble, tough to dress – generally tough and yet, you managed it. I may be wrong, but it must be one of the hardest challenges to pull-off … and you did. So, thank you for doing yourselves and us proud … and I was, very.”

mark featherstone-witty

founding principal/ceo, lipa